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Nousu Capital  

The services of Nousu Capital include

  • Financial planning and business forecasts
  • Negotiations with lenders
  • M&A and related services

Nousu Capital utilizes best practices of corporate banking, asset management and financial technology.

The credit risk management is one the focus areas of Nousu Capital. It is based on a professional credit analysis, financial projections and a statistical credit rating developed with first-class specialists. 

The experts of Nousu Capital have tens of years of know-how and experience in corporate and investment banking as well as business development and strategy work.

Nousu Capital's advisory services are largely digital, which makes them flexible and cost-effective.


Nousu Rating  

Nousu Rating is an advanced way to measure and compare credit risk.


Rating Description Share of all companies

Probability of bankruptcy

AAA Best 20% less than 0,051 %
AA Excellent 33% less than 0,884 %
A Good 31% less than 7,327 %
B Weak 16% more than 7,327 %


Nousu Capital has developed with first-class specialists a new, statistical credit rating called Nousu Rating. 


Nousu Rating provides a reliable estimate of the risk that the company faces financial difficulties over a period of several years.  


The statistical credit rating model presented here has been developed by Professor Erkki K. Laitinen and Professor Teija Laitinen from the University of Vaasa in cooperation with Nousu Capital's specialists.  


Erkki K. and Teija Laitinen are internationally distinguished accounting and finance researchers and have tens of years’ experience in developing various statistical models that measure the company's financial risk.  

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