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Do we want to give growth a chance? 

Small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) are important to the economy and to the growth of employment. A company's growth typically involves temporary shortages of working capital. 

The current bank-based financing system is often focused on serving financial needs of larger companies. Increased regulation and tightening capital adequacy requirements force traditional banks increasingly more to avoid finding of SMEs. 

A large number of growth SMEs are at risk of having shortages of funding in their most critical growth phase – they do not have fixed assets to be used as collateral and dilution through equity offering due to temporary financing needs is not feasible. 

At the same time, investors in the stock market are looking for safe heaven and investors in the fixed income market are looking for cash yield in the current, low interest rate environment. 


Nousu Capital  

Nousu Capital is a financial technology (fintech) company, which utilizes the best practices of corporate banking, asset management and financial technology 

Nousu Capital mediates credit-rated business loans from investors to SMEs.  

The credit risk management is one the focus areas of Nousu Capital. It is based on a professional credit analysis, a borrower’s financial projections and a new, statistical credit rating developed with first-class specialists. 

Nousu Capital is registered loan-based funding intermediate and payment service provider by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority 

Nousu Capital was founded in 2017.   


Criteria for corporations which need funding 

  • Minimum time of operations three years 
  • Cash flow is positive and growth prospects are good 
  • Turnover is at least 500.000 euros
  • The size of the B/S is at least one million euros 
  • Equity ratio is at least 20% 
  • The company has Finnish bank accounts and Finnish Business ID  


  • Loan amounts are up to 2 000 000 euros 
  • Loan tenor is 1-3 years 


  • A large number of private investors  


Benefits of Nousu Capital’s funding for SMEs 

  • Enables growth, which often does not get funded  
  • Does not dilute ownership 
  • No collateral is required 
  • Supplements traditional bank financing 
  • Provides an opportunity to expand the financing sources through a new financing model 
  • Nousu Capital administrates loan agreements, interest payments and loan repayment 


Benefits of Nousu Capital’s loans for Investors 

  • SMEs are credit rated and analyzed 
  • The investments are channeled through a bank's custodian account 
  • Nousu Capital administrates investments, cash management, and in case, debt collection 
  • Provides an opportunity to utilize a modern, digitalized investment model 



Nousu Rating  

Nousu Rating is an advanced way to measure and compare credit risk.


Rating Description Share of all companies

Probability of bankruptcy

AAA Best 20% less than 0,051 %
AA Excellent 33% less than 0,884 %
A Good 31% less than 7,327 %
B Weak 16% more than 7,327 %


Nousu Capital has developed with first-class specialists a new, statistical credit rating called Nousu Rating. 


Nousu Rating provides a reliable estimate of the risk that the company faces financial difficulties over a period of several years.  


The statistical credit rating model presented here has been developed by Professor Erkki K. Laitinen and Professor Teija Laitinen from the University of Vaasa in cooperation with Nousu Capital's specialists.  


Erkki K. and Teija Laitinen are internationally distinguished accounting and finance researchers and have tens of years’ experience in developing various statistical models that measure the company's financial risk.  


Nousu Capital's experts have several decades of experience in corporate finance.